Issue 1-13

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The Use of Tracings in Early Dutch Draftsmanship

Authors: Thomas Ketelsen, Carsten Wintermann

Abstract: The graphic tracing has no history. Although its production and use in medieval and early modern period workshops for the purposes of training and the transfer of selected models is known from the sources (Cennino Cennini, Leonardo da Vinci), very few tracings have survived due to their material substance. In the course of their use, for instance the fragile tracings made out of protein glue were quickly destroyed. The discovery of one of these early protein glue tracings from the first half of the 16th century in the collection of the Dresdner Kupferstich-Kabinett is therefore quite significant. The preservation of the Dresden tracing is not only important from the perspective of material history. Within the context of a research project dealing with the typology of Dutch drawing in the 16th century, the function and use of the tracing as part of a historically definable working process could be reconstructed for the first time. A few images found in the Dresden tracing are in agreement with the drawings in the so-called 'Errera Sketchbook' from the Antwerp workshop of Herri met de Bles (1500/10-1555/60). This lead to the supposition that above all, the tracing facilitated the copying of individual drawings from the sketchbook of the painting workshop for the purpose of repeated use of those motifs.


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Nicolaus Copernicus University of Torun:
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II. Conservation and Restoration of a Fusuma - Japanese Sliding Door

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The Versatile Silkscreen Frame Revisited (Bas van Velzen)

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The Swivel-Jointed Bench Vice (Claire Phan Tan Luu, Dionysia Christoforou)

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