Journal of Paper Conservation:
A Publication in Memory of Anthony Cains - Call for Submissions

The Journal of Paper Conservation (JPC) , publication of IADA (International Association of Archive, Book and Paper Conservators), is a peer-reviewed journal published four times a year. 

JPC is an international scholarly journal that aims to bring together scholarship and contributions to knowledge related to new research outcomes, innovative developments, and practice in the preservation and conservation of cultural heritage objects of archives, libraries, and graphic art collections. The target groups are paper, book, and photograph conservators, book and paper historians, photography historians, art historians, archivists, librarians, and conservation scientists.

On the 4th of November 2020, Anthony (Tony) Cains (1936-2020), renowned book conservator, passed away. IADA and JPC, in partnership with ICRI (Institute of Conservator-Restorers in Ireland, - of which Cains was a founding member), have decided to dedicate an issue in his honour and memory.

With this call for papers, we encourage authors to submit articles and papers related to Tony Cains’s contribution to the field of conservation, as well as scholarly papers on the archaeology of the book, book and bookbinding history, book and paper conservation and related materials. We will consider for publication:

  •  contributions in the form of formal scholarly articles (peer-reviewed), but also

  •  personal recollections of encounters with Tony Cains and his impact on conservation worldwide,

  • articles related to research in progress, project reports, professional matters, and hands-on conservation,

  • Instructables describing  specific techniques, technical tips, and related conservation know-how (complete with step-by-step photographs or illustrations, brief explanations, and materials used),

  • innovative Materials and Equipment descriptions useful to book and paper conservators,

  • Degree works summarizing diploma works recently awarded in the book and paper conservation fields (if deemed relevant), 

  • and interview transcripts (with or without commentary). 

We will also take into consideration  submissions of a different nature (if deemed relevant).

Authors should submit their articles as attached documents via email to Articles are submitted in the English language. Submissions in other languages are also welcome and will be translated into English for publication by professional translators through JPC in collaboration with the Editor and the Author(s). The manuscript should follow the style guidelines found here. Articles should be submitted with a covering email clearly stating the name, address and affiliation of the corresponding author, as well as the intended type of contribution.