Conservation of Tracing Paper

Lecturer: Hildegard Homburger
Language English
Participants: 6
Next dates: Berlin, 18.-19.10.2021
Registration: hombu @freenet .de

There are three major groups of tracing papers: impregnated papers, papers exposed to acid and papers which are made from over beaten fibre pulp. Each manufacturing process influences the dimensional stability of these papers.
The goal of the course is understand the material properties of tracing paper and how these affect conservation decisions and treatments.
Participants will learn different treatment technique adequate for tracing papers.
The main focus of the seminar is to gain an understanding of the several treatment techniques through hands-on working on originals and dummies. Each participant will work on his/her own object. The small group of participant allows the personal attention of the instructor

300,- € IADA-members
350,- €

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