Course on Asian Papers and their Applications in Paper Conservation

Instructor: Minah Song, independent paper conservator

Date: 18th, 19thand 20th(Tue - Thu) June, 20193 days

Place: The British Library, 96 Euston Road, London NW1 2DB 

Enrollment limit : 12

Registration fee: 480GBP (materials included)

This three-day intensive workshop is designed to provide both emerging and established conservation professionals with the theoretical and practical foundation for understanding Asian papers and their applications in paper conservation. The workshop consists primarily of hands-on activities with a lecture, group discussions and examinations of various Asian papers.

Each participantwill be presented with a set of different paper samples and willstudy the papers first hand and examine the fibers, sheet formation, alkali content and the results of different manufacturing processes and drying methods. 

In a practical session, participants will make small-sized paper samples using simple tools with paper mulberry fibers and formation aid. Participants will make modern equivalent of drying board(karibari)using a honeycomb board and mulberry paper

Participants will study and share details of various methods of repair and lining techniquesusing different Asian papers, depending on their opaqueness, texture, and strength, appropriate for specific objects. For example, participants will try double-sided lining with thin mulberry tissue, drying a lined object on a drying board, and making pre-coated tissue with different adhesives. Useful tips in toning techniques with acrylic paints for mulberry paper will be discussed. 

For further details and online registration see: 

Contact the instructor : minahsongstudio@gmail.com

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