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10:00 – 10:30 Willkommen

  • Barbara Schneider-Kempf, Director general, Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin
    Renate Mesmer, President of IADA – video (deutsch)

10:30 – 12:30 'Potpourri' – Welcome

Kurzvorträge von Berliner Restauratoren über herausfordernde Montagen in Ausstellungen – abstract

Beiträge von Myriam Krutzsch, Ira Glasa, Barbara Korbel, Stephan Böhmer, Vendulka Cejchan, Gesine Siedler, Halina Fischer, Katharina Plate, Hanka Gerhold, Michaela Brand, Stephan Lohrengel, 
Barbara Korbel
, Katarzyna Schirmacher

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13:40 – 15:00 Vorträge

  • Iben Bak Christensen and Marie Vest(DK):'Experience economy’: Does it apply to the world of conservation?abstract

  • Irene Brückle and Ute Henniges (DE, AT): Bleaching treatment: Can we standardize? abstract

  • Véronique Rouchon et al. (FR): Gelatine and iron gall ink corrosion: Evidence of a 'stabilizing' effect abstract

  • Henk Porck (NL): Looking at letters: Unfolding hidden information abstract

15:00 – 15:40 Kurzvorträge

  • Alexander Fohs (AT): Are books ready for the museum? Conservation meets museum education abstract / video (deutsch)

  • Guy de Witte (BE): Project development and management: New opportunities for preventive conservation consultants abstract

  • Laurence Caylux, Eve Menei, Isabelle Drieu la Rochelle (FR): Papers for prayers: The use and conservation of paper and card- board in the production of devotional objects in Provence abstract / video (englisch)

  • Maike Schmidt and Georg Josef Dietz (DE): Filling of losses in old master prints: A new method using digital reconstruction abstract

  • Fabienne Meyer et al. (DE, AT): Volatile organic compounds in collections of drawings and prints: Cause, effects and mitigation strategies abstract

  • Louise O’Connor (IE): Hugh Douglas Hamilton: A pastel portraitist in an European market abstract / video (englisch)

  • Ambra D’Aleo (IT): Deacidification and reduction: Treating a copper corroded, 18th century engraving abstract

16:20 – 18:00 Vorträge

  • Gauthier Patin, Frank Ligterink et al. (FR, NL): Halos of hollowness: How air pockets in window mounts can cause discolourations – and how to best prevent them abstract

  • Mario Röhrle (DE): A life-cycle approach: From creation to archiving of born-digital documentation in paper conservation abstract

  • Barbara Busnardo et al.(IT):Coated paper–a multivariate system: A novel approach to the kinetics of its degradation abstract

  • Claudia Ma. Ordoñez Montoya (GT): Ignorance and neglect: Administrative management in preventive conservation of Guatemalan documentary patrimony abstract


09:00 – 10:20 Vorträge

  • Niels Borring et al. (DK, UK, FR, DE, AT): A triumph of collabor- ation: Preserving and exhibiting the 'Triumphal Arch' by Albrecht Dürer abstract

  • Thomas Klinke (DE): Cut, copy & paste: Creative image concepts in historic master drawings abstract / video (deutsch)

  • Georg Josef Dietz (DE): Ink or ink? How to distinguish between iron-gall ink and carbon ink in old master drawings abstract

  • Doris Müller-Hess et al. (AT): Into the blue – into the brown: Conservation strategies for permanent exhibition of 212 gouache drawings at Vienna’s Schönbrunn Palace abstract / video (deutsch)

11:00 – 12:20 Vorträge

  • Juliane Hofer et al. (AT): On fixative: Historic methods and their practical implementation; a study based on eight cartoons by Eduard Bitterlich (1871-72) abstract / video (deutsch)

  • Tina G. Poulsson, Birgit Reissland et al. (NO, NL): ‘En route’: Identifying Thomas Fearnley's fixatives on early 19th century pencil drawings abstract

  • Daniel Kirby and John Slavin (USA, CA): John Constable’s drawing fixative: Identification of a proteinaceous surface coating by peptide mass fingerprinting abstract

  • Eva Hummert (DE): Stabilisation treatments with aerosols: Evaluating the penetration behaviour of gelatine and methyl- cellulose abstract / video (deutsch)


14:00 – 16:00 Vorträge

  • Marlen Börngen et al. (DE): 'Intensif-Station': Conservation of the installation by Thomas Hirschhorn at the Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen abstract

  • Cécile Gombaud et al. (FR, NL): Pastel conservation at the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam: Conservation treatments of 18th century pastels abstract / video (englisch)

  • Emily O’Reilly (UK): When goats that glitter are not always good: An observation on the effects of Chloramine T on a watercolour abstract / video (englisch)

  • Christine Göppinger (DE): 1989 Berlin demonstration banners: A storage concept abstract

16:40 – 18:00 Vorträge

  • Catherine Rickman (UK): 'The meeting of Wellington and Blücher after the Battle of Waterloo' by Daniel Maclise: Conservation treatment of 10 full-size cartoons on paper for wall paintings in the Palace of Westminster, London abstract / video (englisch)

  • Julia Bischoff et al. (FR): Decoding Chinese wallpaper: A technological approach with 3D microscopy abstract / video (englisch)

  • Stephan Lohrengel and Markus Gross (DE, CH): Conserving 'Acanthes': A large-sized paper cut-out by Henri Matisse abstract / video (deutsch)



09:00 – 10:20 Vorträge

  • Robert Fuchs (DE): Conservation of the burnt archive of Tucher family: Techniques of humidification and flattening of gelatinated hard parchments abstract

  • Andrea Giovannini (CH): Antiphonarium Bernenis – cum glossa: Conservation as an opportunity for research abstract/ video (englisch)

  • Andrea Pataki-Hundt et al. and Karin Eckstein (DE): Mokvi Gospel: Consolidation of miniatures on gold / Brush Work: Examples of paint layer consolidation abstract / video (deutsch)

  • Katherine Beaty (USA): ‘Tackets, overbands, and buckles’: Survey and stabilization of tacketed account books of the Medici family abstract / video (englisch)

11:00 – 12:20 Vorträge

  • Art Proaño Gaibor de Vries and Birgit Reissland et al. (NL): A novel in-situ sampling technique: Identification of inks and other media abstract

  • Chiara Palandri et al. (IT, NO): An integrated non-invasive spectroscopy study: Modern inks and papers from the manu- script collection of The National Library of Norway abstract / video (englisch)

  • Sarah Fiddyment et al. (UK, USA, IE, DK): Illuminating the hidden secrets of parchment: Application of non-invasive biomolecular techniques abstract

  • Magdalena Grenda (PL): Conservation treatment solutions for historic herbaria of Michal Fedorowski: Modern analytical techniques and dessicated plant material abstract/ video (englisch)

  • Nicholas Pickwoad (UK): Coming to terms: Guidelines for the description of historical bookbindings abstract

  • Aurelie Martin (UK): The Ligatus Decorated Paper Project: A new digital tool to identify and record decorated papers abstract/ video (englisch)

  • Claudia Benvestito (IT): Scaleboards or not: Wooden board permanence in Italian bookbinding abstract / video (englisch)

  • Élodie Lévêque et al. (FR): Digitization versus conservation: Outcomes of the Clairvaux Abbey digital library project at Montpellier University abstract/span>

14:50 – 15:30 Kurzvorträge

video (deutsch und englisch)

  • Maren Dümmler (DE): White seals: Degradation phenomena and conservation abstract

  • Paola Fagnola et al. (IT, UK): Creating tomorrow's past: A new approach and a proposal for rebinding ancient books abstract

  • Elzbieta Gorska-Wiklo (UK): Ethical challenges in conservation treatment: Industrial heritage archival materials abstract

  • Gayane Eliazyan et al. (AM, DE): Inflexible spine-plates at Armenian bindings: Are the mechanic and conservation problems answerable? abstract

  • Konstantina Konstantinidou et al. (UK): Treating the Audubon plates: One item, two approaches abstract

  • Angeliki Stassinou (GR): Archive Bindings: A neglected style of binding abstract

  • Izabela Zajac (PL): Classification versus preservation: Technique, materials & conservation problems of photo albums from Polish collections abstract

16:10 – 17:30 Vorträge

  • Roos Kliphuis et al. (NL): Technical drawings in the Netherlands: An overview abstract

  • Tessa Rietveld and Monica Marchesi (NL): To hang or not to hang? The conservation history of the poster collection of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam abstract / video (englisch)

  • Istvan Kecskeméti and Johanna Fries-Markiewicz (FI, SW): 200 years of separation: A comparison between archival collections with the same origin in Finland and Sweden abstract

  • Marie A. Nielen and Agnès Prévost (FR): Discoveries on Mero- vingian sealed parchments: Contribution of multidisciplinarity for heritage preservation abstract / video (englisch)


  • Christa Hofmann et al. (AT): Stabilisation of verdigris: Application of research in conservation practice abstract / video (englisch)

  • Anna E. Bülow et al. (UK, NL): Pride and prejudice: Developing a shared understanding of priorities abstract

  • Bert Jacek (DE): Soft particle blasting: A gentle dry cleaning method for sensitive surfaces abstract

  • Jasna Malešič and Jana Kolar (SL): Mass deacidification: Treatment of endangered books in the National and University Library of Slovenia abstract


13:30 – 14:50 Vorträge

  • Annegret Seger and Philipp Kochendörfer (DE): Bacterial cellu- lose: A new material in paper conservation abstract

  • Takayuki Okayama et al. (JP): A new technique for strengthening degraded paper: Application of cellulose nanofiber coating on a paper surface abstract

  • Maroussia Duranton and Gaëlle Hennion (FR): Application of Silicagel M®: A moistening treatment of a water-sensible starched textile and its decoration abstract

14:50 – 15:30 Kurzvorträge

  • Julia Roller (DE): Rewin®EL and Mesitol®NBS: How to remove ionic fixatives (aqueous washing treatment aids) from paper abstract / video (deutsch)

  • Darejan Gogashvili (GE): The oriental collections of the Geor- gian National Museum: Re-housing and conservation of the miniatures, manuscripts and drawings abstract / video (englisch)

  • Isobel Griffin and Kenneth McMillan (UK): Housing Library Collections: The development of a risk-based approach at the National Library of Scotland abstract / video (englisch)

Isobel Griffin and Kenneth McMillan (UK): Housing Library Collections: The development of a risk-based approach at the National Library of Scotland (Englisch)

  • Ute Henniges et al. (AT, DE): Hydrogen peroxide bleaching of papers containing iron ions: Discussing the viability of a potentially harmful system abstract

  • Rebecka Thalmann and Matthias Frankenstein (DE): Moving history: Planning and realizing the move of 100km of archives abstract

  • Marion Verborg and Pavlos Koemtzidis (DE): How we work: The Conservation and Digitization Centre of the Historical Archive Cologne abstract

  • Bogdan Filip Zerek et al. (PL): Microbiological sampling of library objects: Comparison of impress, dry swab and ATP methods –> abstract / video (englisch)

16:10 – 17:30 Vorträge

  • Christina Meier-Wolff (DE): How clean is my object? The bio- luminescence measurement (ATP/AMP) – Method, practice and opportunities abstract

  • Antje Potthast et al. (AT): Paper and fire: How stable is cellulose after surviving a disaster? abstract

  • Agathi Anthoula Kaminari and Athena Alexopoulou (GR): Heinrich Schliemann’s copy-books in the Gennadius Library: A non-destructive imaging documentation for assessing the condition of the archive abstract / video (englisch)

  •  David Mills et al. (UK): Revealing the unreadable: Using non X-ray imaging to reveal text on damaged and inaccessible manuscripts abstract / video (englisch)